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Buda Oaks | Group of happy seniors sitting around the Christmas tree playing music

Buda Oaks Lights Up The Holidays For Texas Seniors

Discover December Activity Ideas For Seniors Nearly 30 percent of older adults say they feel lonely during the holidays. Maybe you’ve considered senior living to ...
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Buda Oaks | Senior couple sitting on the floor having a glass of wine

Nine Ways to Discover and Transition into a Senior Apartment in Buda, TX

Choosing to transition from your home to a senior living community is a fantastic idea but an overwhelming reality unless you know what you’re doing. ...
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Buda Oaks | Four residents posing

When to Move to Senior Living

Moving to a senior living community is an important and valuable investment in your future. Still, it isn’t always an easy decision to make. Start ...
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Buda Oaks | Group sitting outside

Seniors are Loving the Austin Lifestyle

We get it: The websites showing up in your “senior-friendly activities near me” search aren’t appealing. Don’t despair, though. Buda Oaks is a new way ...
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Buda Oaks | Group of seniors cheersing red wine outside surrounded by string lights

Why Retire in Buda, TX?

If you’re searching for the right retirement destination, look no further than Buda, TX. Originally a stop on the International-Great Northern Railroad, Buda is known ...
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Buda Oaks | Senior resident making a donut

Minimizing the Risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Memory Loss Progression

Alzheimer’s causes memory loss and cognitive decline, while Parkinson’s affects movement and coordination due to brain cell damage. Both profoundly impact seniors’ daily lives, and ...
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