Celebrating Spoil Your Pet Day and More at Buda Oaks

Buda Oaks proudly offers pet-friendly assisted living. In celebration of our recent National Spoil Your Pet Day festivities, we’re excited to showcase the joy and companionship dogs and cats bring to our residents.

Join us as we delve into the benefits of senior living with pets and highlight the vibrant activities that make our community a wonderful place for older adults and their furry friends.

The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Furry companions offer numerous benefits to seniors, from promoting physical activity to providing emotional support. Residents and their best friends thrive together in a pet-friendly senior living environment.

Consider the benefits of pet ownership as an older adult:

  • Improved Physical Health. Dog owners need to walk and care for their pets. It encourages regular physical activity, leading to better mobility and cardiovascular health.
  • Emotional Support. Spending time with a pet reduces feelings of loneliness and depression. Their companionship is unmatched, providing comfort and happiness to their owners.
  • Routine and Purpose. Caring for a pet gives seniors a sense of purpose and helps them maintain a daily routine, which is important for their mental and physical health.
  • Social Opportunities. Pet-friendly living options often have dog-friendly community spaces. That encourages social interactions among pet owners, fostering a sense of community.
Spoil your pet day
We love senior living with pets. Spoiling them is the best part!

National Spoil Your Dog Day Was A Hit in Buda, TX

Buda Oaks recently hosted its Spoil Your Pet Day event in a heartwarming celebration of the unique bond between seniors and their pets. This delightful day was dedicated to pampering the furry friends of Buda Oaks residents and forming connections with family members and the local community.

The day started with an appearance from Fig, a certified therapy dog from Divine Canines. Our assisted living and memory care residents enjoyed engaging with Fig. His visits are always a source of smiles and laughter, illustrating the therapeutic impact of senior living with pets

Buda Oaks residents held a Drive-Thru Pup Cup Event as the day progressed, which was a resounding success. Community members were encouraged to bring their pets for complimentary pup cups. This initiative wagged plenty of tails and strengthened our community spirit.

“Seeing the happiness on our residents’ faces as they spent time with Fig and treated their pets during the Drive-Thru Pup Cup Event was truly rewarding,” said Buda Oaks Executive Director Susan LaBree. She also expressed gratitude towards the community and the pets who made the event a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Spoil Your Pet Day at Buda Oaks exemplifies our community’s commitment to creating events that cater to residents’ interests and well-being. We’re a pet-friendly assisted living community – and so much more.

Buda Oaks Happenings and Awards

Buda Seniors Spread Love, Laughter, and Advice

On Valentine’s Day, Buda Oaks became a place where touching stories and helpful advice flowed as freely as laughter. Residents came together to share their wisdom on love and life, making it an enjoyable day for everyone.

Residents like Jane summed up her love advice in three words: “Talk. Share. Listen.”

This party was not just about sharing stories and advice, though. It also had a fun competition to crown the King and Queen of Love. Laverne and Melvin won everyone’s hearts and were crowned, proving that love truly knows no age.

Rhinestones, Country Music, and Dancing

Residents’ faces lit up as they danced and sang along to familiar songs during a recent Dolly Parton-themed birthday party.

The event featured a “9 to 5” movie screening, followed by a day of music, dancing, and Dolly-inspired fashion—rhinestones and bandanas included. Our Dolly for the day performed the hits, sparking feelings of joy and nostalgia among the residents.

2,485 Miles of Fitness and Fun

How does our assisted living and memory care community combine fitness and fun? Our virtual hiking group, The Out of Breath Hiking Society!

This spirited group of residents completed a virtual trek of the Pacific Crest Trail, covering an impressive distance of 2,485 miles. Their journey allowed them to experience the beauty of the trail from the comfort of our community.

Residents expressed the joy of “traveling” together through these virtual hikes, emphasizing the camaraderie and adventure that enrich their days.

Magnolia Hospice celebrated their achievement and contributed to their post-hike festivities with unique “Campfire Cocktails.” We hope to see you all on the trail for our next adventure.

We Celebrated Multiple Senior Living Awards

We’ve recently been honored with three prestigious awards, marking us as a top choice for senior care.

  • Memorycare.com recognized our dedication to providing exceptional care and services with the Best Memory Care Facilities award in the Austin area.
  • Assisted Living Magazine has also celebrated us as the Best in Senior Living. This acknowledges our efforts to create a holistic, fulfilling experience for residents.
  • The local community voted us Best of North Hays County, reinforcing our dedication to serving our residents and contributing positively to our area.

“We’re incredibly proud of these awards,” said LaBree. “They reflect our team’s passion and commitment to excellence in caring for our residents.”

Bring Your Dog (or Cat) Along to Buda Oaks

Pets for seniors are beneficial, and we love offering assisted living apartments that welcome you and your best friend. We look forward to having you in our community and enjoying regular events that make life a little easier and a bit more hip!

Contact us to arrange a tour.

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